Episode 47: Maelstrom

“Her ship’s in pieces. No chute. We lost her.” Mike argues that Kara needed to be in the cockpit. Pat knows Starbuck would do anything to avoid her issues. Matt wonders how the season finale is going to top this episode.

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Episode 46: Dirty Hands

With the Cylons nowhere in sight, the fleet’s workers demand better conditions and a fairer society. Pat’s willing to barter for Baltar’s tell-all. Matt understands why workers’ rights might’ve taken a backseat ’til now. Mike would’ve put Cally against the wall.

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Episode 44: The Woman King

How far can the fleet tolerate the Sagittarions’ “backward” beliefs? How far can the Sagittarions tolerate the fleet’s prejudice? Matt goes hard for Detective Sherlock Helomes. Pat takes issue with the episode’s monster-of-the-week structure. Mike finds it completely plausible that the fleet would retain its prejudices. 

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