Every Battlestar Bros. Podcast Episode, in Order

We had a frakkin’ fantastic time journeying from Caprica to Earth, and we know lots of future Battlestar Galactica viewers will as well. For those who have found this podcast for the first time, or are returning for a Battlestar re-watch, here’s a list of all our episode commentary, in order.

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Episode 71: Daybreak

“I think it’s my last one.” Pat ranks the finale’s flashbacks. Matt finds that he prefers politics to space battles. Mike still frakkin’ loves Battlestar Galactica.

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Episode 68: Deadlock

Did you know Cylon babies have built-in emotional WiFi? Well, now you do. Matt’s boggled by this episode’s sudden regressions. Mike questions whether Six should have been allowed to have a child in the first place. Pat feels Saul’s love fill the room.

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